How do you define taste?

defining your taste

What is taste?

I don’t mean the peach juice running down your chin, sweet sticky taste. I mean the taste that defines our style and how we live.

Definition: the ability to discern what is of good quality or of a high aesthetic standard.

People gravitate towards different styles and the multitude of home ware magazines would have us believe that we can be lumped into different categories. Bohemian, mid-century modern, minimalist, classic chic or industrial just to name a few.

But, does that mean that if something is considered another style that we can’t like it? And then how do we label it? Retro-bohemian-mid-century-minimalism? That just gets too confusing. Why do we even need labels?

Let’s also not forget that tastes can change. Me, I used to like art nouveau with it’s sweeping curves and intricate florals, now, six years later, the idea of geometry and cleanliness inspire me.

I’m also fascinated with the idea of contrast.

Can we not have geometric objects placed with more organic shapes and materials, smooth polished concrete with luxurious sheepskin rugs, sleek dark woods with shiny metal accents and layered, textured bedspreads and blankets. You can’t help but mix and match styles when you incorporate contrast.

So how do you decide what your taste is?

Personally, I don’t. If I am attracted to something and I feel that I will still like it for many years to come then it enters my collection. That doesn’t mean to say that it will forever stay as one of my favourite pieces (only until the next favourite comes along). I am also guilty of following trends. But I don’t mind. The exploration of styles and trends is exciting to me.

So what do you think? Are you avidly of just one style or do you mix and match to please yourself?

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