Planning your website

Your ideal customer


People often come to me for a website without a proper plan. Sure they may know they want the website to function this way and be aesthetically pleasing but without knowing their audience it’s very hard to tailor a site to meet their needs.

So how do you work out who your target market (ideal customer) is?

You have to pretend to be them. Work out their age range, their sex, what they like to do on the weekends, where their local watering hole is. And then delve deeper. What’s their favourite colour, do they prefer Bowie over Bach, chocolate over sweets. Get to know their routines, how they like their tea (or coffee- if they prefer).

And this is all in the imagination, peoples! Please don’t start stalking anyone … ┬áit’s bad for business!

Don’t think that you have to go and find your ideal customer. That short, health-conscious man that drinks green tea and starts everyday with a yellow omelette with green spinach on toast is out there. He will find you!

Imagine and they will come, right?

So then you use the picture you have drawn in your head of your ideal customer to create a website experience that appeals to their favoured routine and aesthetics.

Simple right?

So before you approach your website designer (me or otherwise) give your imagination some creative freedom and create your ideal customer. Your target market.

It’s a good to start on the right foot instead of redefining the wheel later on.

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