Tip … Keeping your website healthy

How to keep your website healthy

So they say that it takes 21 days to make a habit. So what, you say?

This is what.

Establishing habits and routines can take some of the pressure off when you are not sure what to do next. You probably already know what to do, you just lack the motivation to do it.

Here a few things you should be doing regularly for a healthy website.

1. Back it up

OMG I cannot stress this enough! BACK IT UP! BACK IT UP! BACK IT UP!

There is no heartbreak like the loss of your hard work. Keep a local copy on your computer and a separate copy on a portable hard drive. A couple of minutes each week or month (depending on how often you make changes) could save you hours of work to get a website back online.

2. Evaluate

Regularly navigate through your site and make sure you are still happy with the way it presents. Try to take a step back and distance yourself – being familiar with your site already may make you blind to potential flaws. Or better yet, enlist your friends for a regular check. Maybe incorporate it into a cheese and wine night (or beer and burgers -whatever floats your boat).

3. And Sweep

Clear out the old junk from your site that you no longer need. This can make your site quicker to load and easier to navigate. If you feel like something is still relevant then add it to an archive and categorise it so that it is easily searchable.

Don’t be afraid to ditch what doesn’t work for you… it’s your site after all!

4. SEO

Search Engine Optimisation. Basically the be-all and end-all of top-of-the-page Google listings. And do it smartly. Don’t just have a whole bunch of keywords at the bottom of the page, or in the sidebar. And it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Having a naming convention for all your images, including alternative titles, site pages, headings etc can help Google search your page and present your excellently organised, top-notch site to the world.

Regular maintenance and updating of your site can indicate to the Google bots that your site is relevant and well cared for. Healthy. Therefore it is worth them giving it the listing space that it deserves.

That all counts for something.

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