What is the function of your website?


So today I thought we could discuss what you need from your website. Just something for you to think about… no pressure.

Firstly, there a couple of options for you to consider, and I’ll go into the pros and cons of these a bit more later. One. A ready-to-go, you can maintain yourself site. Two. A full-on whizz bang completely done site that is managed for you. Basically, it all depends on what you need your website to do and what your budget is.

So now lets look at Option One shall we?

If you can use a word processor (Microsoft Word), fill out digital forms and know what you want then this could be the option for you. A content management system (such as WordPress) installed on your website hosting account can be very easy to use and economical to keep running. An out-of-the-box site can cost next to nothing to set up. and even tweaking colours and options yourself is do-able. (Although sometimes just because you can, doesn’t mean you should – less is more people!)

Alternatively, a designer can create a theme from scratch for you or customise an existing one to meet your needs. Then it’s just a matter of logging in to fill out the content of the site.

Then there is the fact that a lot of functionality can be added to your site using installed plugins. Need a contact form? Sure, here’s one. Need an image gallery? Knock yourself out. All without knowing a single piece of code.

And you won’t need to worry about web-standards or SEO as these are usually included! Great!

If you’re willing to put some work in to it then this is definitely an economical option.

Of course…

… you may be like Great Aunt Enid, be completely computer illiterate and need Option Two. Nothing wrong with that (but I do question the reason you even need a website? Other than to display all the pictures of your dozen moggies. The internet does love cats.)

A fully whizz bang site where the content gets updated for you as you request it will not be the cheapest option out there, but even if you are time poor it can still be a worthwhile investment.

Especially if you build a relationship with your web designer geeky person and they can understand the way you work and your needs. Not having to worry about every little thing can never be a bad thing. Am i right? And they love cats just as much as you do, they won’t judge.

And if you have a good relationship with your person, then they will advise you of how your costs are tracking before each update. That way there’s no surprises at bill time. Trust is what it’s all about – both ways.

Then if there is an issue, you have someone to call.  Having a fall-back person, someone who backs up your site regularly and knows what’s going down can be a blessing. Added plus, as they’re a professional, they will be quicker at updating content and navigating the site’s back end. Yay!

So i guess that is something for you to think about. What you need your site for? WHat you’d like it to look like? How much time do you want to spend on it on a regular basis? Can you DIY or will you need help?

I guess these are the 2 extremes of the scale, there are always other options in-between. A cordial-to-water ratio to suit your taste.

Contact me if you feel like you need your own web designer geeky person, or even someone to assist with the set up.

I’ll just be over here on YouTube watching cat videos… x

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